The Design-Build Concept

Design-Build means that a single firm takes responsibility of the total project, interacting with the design professional and the construction professional, creating a team to implement your project.

The Design-Build method relies on the "team concept" putting all of the players at the table at the same time, cooperating and working together, developing acceptable solutions for the project needs based on Owner directions. This team concept allows problems to be solved before they happen.

The design personnel can check to see if something is practical (constructionally) before putting it on paper.

The construction personnel can add their efficiencies of designs (how to), therefore making it the best of both worlds while creating value for the Owner.

Smarrelli General Contractor, Inc, has been using the design-build method since 1988 and we have continually refined these techniques as the company has grown and projects have become more complex.

The design-build method is an average of 20% to 25% faster than the traditional method because it eliminates the time consuming detailing and bidding process. The design-build contractor is the direct line to the owner. This eliminates the adversarial finger pointing between the contractor and the design professional.

We secure excellent subcontractors quotes and have a pricing structure that keeps us competitive. We have successfully implemented over $7 million in design-build projects over the last 12 years. We design and build to stay within practical budgets so projects remain viable and feasible.




Design-Build: We put together a team of professionals, monitor and manage every step of the process and get your project done 20% to 25% faster than traditional methods. (Read more about the Design-Build Concept at right.



Machine Bases and Pits

Truck Docks

Steel Reroofing

Steel Buildings

It can truly be said that pre-engineered metal buildings are America's best building buys. Many business owners and industrial concerns have turned to these structures for convenience and versatility.

We are your local authorized representatives for Metallic metal buildings. Available in a variety of sizes for a multitude of uses, these buildings are quickly erected, allowing you to avoid a long construction wait. They offer excellent utilization of space, are built durably and custom designed to provide years of rugged dependable use. Steel buildings also have the flexibility to accommodate your individual expansion needs with economical energy efficient solutions. Structures are available with a wide variety of exterior wall finishes. From initial planning to completion, Smarrelli General Contractor, Inc. offers a complete turnkey service.

Regardless of the application, whether it's a warehouse, industrial plant, office building, trucking company, mini-storage or any commercial structure, the professionals at Smarrelli General Contractor, Inc. will design and build the structure best suited for your needs.